Monday, 14 February 2011

Shortbread Surprise

A biscuit that hopes to make you smile...but will you spot the mystery ingredient?
£2.31 / ingredients
9p  / biscuit
Taste  8.1 / 10
Aesthetic   4.3 / 5
Dunkability  2.25 / 5
Crumbliness   4.3 / 5
Total   18.95 / 25

"Loved the special mystery ingredient. Probably amongst the best shortbread I've ever had. Yum!"
"Liked the look of it, and tasted good, but the popping candy wasn't for me."
"Beautiful, heart-lifting design with a satisfying firmness and subtle taste."
"Beautifully made - popping candy and fruity scenet made it a real treat. Bravo!"
"Space dust / popping candy was a treat. Not a good dunker."
"Best biscuit yet."
"Once you pop you can't stop!"
"Good flavour and texture with long lasting crackle in the mouth."

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