Wednesday 16 February 2011

Jammie Dodger

Delicious stretchy jam splodged at the heart of two yummy shortcake biscuits.
69p / packet
8.5p  / biscuit
Taste   6.8 / 10
Aesthetic  4 / 5
Dunkability  3 / 5
Crumbliness   2.9 / 5
Total   16.7 / 25

"A classical biscuit although the way the jam goos out when you bite into it is a bit of an issue for me."
"Perfection in a biscuit - tasty and sweet."
"Perhaps would have enjoyed this more if I wasn't so full. A bit dry and sweet. Don't get me started on the crumbs."
"A stalwart of the biscuit world but never quite delivers for me."
"A jammie dodger always goes down well, a perennial favourite."
"Back to my youth!"
"Never been a fan - jam is too sickly and biscuit is too sweet and cloying. Sorry!"
"A bit disappointing. Not what I remembered but still quite nice."
"A great biscuit. An everyday favourite."

1 comment:

  1. A new American favorite, it appears, no doubt due to Matt Smith's doctor having a penchant for them. The few stores locally that stock them have been sold out recently with the series finale airing last weekend.