Thursday, 17 February 2011

Cafe Noir

Crisp crunchy biscuit with a unique coffee icing.
 £1.34 / packet
  5 p / biscuit
Taste   5.2  / 10
Aesthetic  2.9  / 5
Dunkability  2.4  / 5
Crumbliness   3.5  / 5
Total   14  / 25

"Quite difficult to bite into. I worried for my teeth..."
"Allergic to coffee - sorry!"
"Doesn't taste of coffee - more party ring for grown ups! Touch too sweet for me."
"Quite sweet but strangely alluring."
"A bit like an Iced Gem. A little sweet for my biscuit tastes."
"Rather like a sophisticated party ring...except square."
"I liked the coffee icing and the font of the lettering on the biscuit. Slightly too sweet and brittle for my taste."
"Too hard and dry on its own. Little more than Rich Tea with icing. Disappointing."
"Liked the crunch. It also reminded me of biscuits my gran used to buy."
"Dunk coffee tea? No way!"

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