Monday, 14 February 2011

All Butter Sultana Cookies - Taste the Difference

Rich, buttery and loaded with sweet Turkish sultanas.
£1.35 / packet
11.25p  / biscuit
Taste   6.7 / 10
Aesthetic   3.4 / 5
Dunkability  3 / 5
Crumbliness   3.6 / 5
Total   16.7 / 25

"I am a fan, although the rasins left a slight bitter taste."
"Very nice, although my mouth feels a little too buttery. I do like butter though. And sultanas."
"Lovely biscuit."
"A very buttery biscuit with lots of flavour."
"Utterly butterly! Liked the fruit burst. Great taste."
"Beautiful rich shortbread but sultanas are no match for chocolate are they?"
"Surely not an everyday biscuit - too rich and buttery."
"The buttery aroma was to die for."

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